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Stoughton Public Schools

This document presents the strategic plan for the Stoughton Public Schools.  It establishes a
long-range direction for the district and provides a clear focus for future pursuits by identifying
priorities for improvement.

This strategic plan is the culmination of analysis and work by the strategic planning committee
consisting of the teachers, administrators, parents, students, government leaders, school committee
member, business representatives, and community leaders listed below.

Strategic Planning Committee 2008

Holly Boykin Chair, Finance Committee
Erin Caldwell, Student
Marie Chiofolo, Former Town Clerk
Mark Chitty, Principal, South Elementary
Susan Cogliano, Teacher, O'Donnell Middle School
John Gallivan Director, Social Studies, Stoughton High School
Lawrence W. Gray, Ed.D., Administrator of Educational Technology
Howard Hansen, Moderator
Joel Harding, Supervisor of Support Services
Roger Hardy, Juvenile Officer
Wayne Hester, Principal, O'Donnell Middle School
David M. Jardin, Fire Chief
Matthew Hubler, Student
Lynne Jardin, Principal, Gibbons Elementary
Diane Medeiros, Parent-Gibbons Elementary
Allan W. Mills, School Committee Member
Lynne Mitchell, Parent-PAC
Eliza Nutting Teacher, O'Donnell Middle School
Mollie O'Connell, Assistant Principal, Stoughton High School
Marguerite C. Rizzi, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools
Linda Rondeau, Teacher, O'Donnell Middle School
Anthony L. Sarno, Jr., Former Superintendent of Schools and Chairman, Stoughton Public Education Foundation, Inc.
Terry Schneider, Stoughton Chamber of Commerce
Kathy Silva, Financial Coordinator
Mark Stankiewicz, Town Manager
Heather Tucker, Out-of-District Administrator
Elizabeth Turner, Parent-O'Donnell Middle School
Claudia Weed, Parent-Stoughton High School

Last Modified: Jan 08, 2011