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Transportation Services Information

Eligible Bus Transportation – As required by current state law, Stoughton Public Schools provides bus transportation for students in grades K-6 that live more than two miles from the school that they attend.  Information on this bus service is available at the school office.  The Student Transportation Policy contains further details regarding bus transportation of students.

Pay and Ride Bus Transportation - Stoughton Public Schools provides “Pay and Ride” bus transportation for students who are not otherwise eligible for bus transportation.  The fee is $360.00 per student and is subject to availability.  To apply for bus transportation, fill out a Pay and Ride Application and return it to the school office your child will be attending in September with full payment.  Payment may be made by bank check, money order or cash – personal checks are NOT accepted. Credit card payments may be made on-line during a time frame determined by the School Committee.  For 2015-2016 - REGISTRATION FOR THE “PAY & RIDE” PROGRAM IS MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015 -  FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2015 ONLY!!

Payment by credit card (MasterCard or VISA) can be made using the districts on-line payment system at  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A FEE OF 5% FOR EACH TRANSACTION.  Please follow the instructions listed – The LASID # for students in grades 6-12 can be found on their report card.  The LASID # for students in grades 1-5 can be obtained from your child’s school office.  Once you have completed you payment
on-line you MUST complete a Pay & Ride Application for EACH child and submit it to the school the child will be attending in September.  Applications are available at under the Families tab or at any administrative office.

Pay and Ride Fee Waiver – The Stoughton School Committee will waive the Pay and Ride fee for those students who are approved for free or reduced price meals.  You must provide either a copy of the letter from Stoughton Public Schools Food Services Department or provide your Agency ID number when you submit your application.

The School Department cannot order additional buses for the Pay and Ride students until we have the funds in hand and know the number of students who will be participating.  Once payment is accepted and students are placed on a bus, no refunds will be given.  

Snow Emergency Bus Stops – The town has designated a series of bus stops for use during snow emergencies when the normal bus stops are not available.  The stops are listed in the School Cancellation/Delayed Opening Policy.

Last Modified: May 06, 2015