Hints for Parents

  • If your child has any medical issues, please tell your School Nurse. It will make it much easier for your child if the Nurse knows his/her history when assessing illnesses.
  • If your child has a chronic illness that requires regular treatment and/or medication, please meet with your School Nurse to discuss a plan of action, receive the necessary forms and coordinate an Individual Health Care Plan. These signed forms, including Doctor’s orders and parental permission and/or IHCP must be on file for the nurse to administer medication and perform some treatments. If medication is required, please make sure you provide the updated medication prior to your child starting the school year.
  • Please provide the school with up to date emergency information. If you change phone numbers or jobs, please let the School Nurse know right away. If you depend on a cell phone, please provide the School Nurse with that number. When you are completing the Emergency Form at the start of the school year, include only those people who are available to pick up your child in an emergency as emergency contacts. It won’t help your child if you provide a home phone number for someone who works all day or if you provide us with the name and number of someone who does not drive.
  • When your child has a physical exam and/or immunizations, please provide the Nurse with a form from your physician so that she may update her records.
  • Please make sure your child eats breakfast.
  • Please make the School Nurse aware of any situations that may affect your child’s mental or physical health so that she may watch for any problems.

If your child does not have Health Insurance, please contact your School Nurse. She can help you with the forms for the Children’s Medical Security Plan, a state sponsored Health Insurance plan for Children under the age of 18.