District Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Marguerite Rizzi Superintendent of Schools (781) 344-4000 ext.1232
Mary Shea Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
Jonathan Ford Deputy Superintendent (781) 344-4000 ext.1229
Rita Peixinho Administrative Secretary to the Deputy Superintendent
Laura Bushlow Administrative Secretary (781) 344-4000 ext.1276
Leanne Kerman Administrative Secretary to the Director of Maintenance and Operations (781) 344-4000 ext.1227
Brian Smith School Business Manager 781-344-4000 ext.1228
Bruce Jackman Truancy Officer
Sheanna Isabel Student Resource Officer
Jeanne Ostroff Community Relations Specialist (781) 344-4000 ext.7366
Name Title Phone
Brian Smith School Business Manager 781-344-4000 x1228
Kulnathee Ifill Payroll Specialist 781-344-4000 x1237
Nancy Patterson Accounts Payable Specialist 781-344-4000 x1235
Name Title
Teri Fleming 6-12 STEM Curriculum Administrative Supervisor
Ashley Goldstein 6-12 Humanities Curriculum Administrative Supervisor
Jamie Hulbig PK-5 STEM Curriculum Administrative Supervisor
Eileen Sprague PK-5 Humanities Curriculum Administrative Supervisor
Extended School Year
Name Title
Lynda Feeney Data and Extended Learning Time Specialist
Food Services
Name Title
Edward Gilbert Director of Food Services
Leona Hojlo Office Assistant
Health Services
Name Title Phone
Sally Borges Supervisor of Health Services 781-344-4000 Ext. 1264
Name Title Phone
Joel Harding Director of Maintenance and Operations
Leanne Kerman Administrative Secretary to the Director of Maintenance and Operations (781) 344-4000 ext.1227
Special Education
Name Title
Heather Tucker Administrator of Special Education
Carolan Sampson Assistant Administrator of Special Education
Karen Altwein Administrative Clerks and Secretaries
Michelle Carmichael Administrative Clerks and Secretaries
Ellen Evangelista Administrative Clerks and Secretaries
Stoughton Parent Engagement Center
Name Title
Maryann Dawson Parent-Child Home Program Coordinator
Jeff Wolff Parent Engagement Coordinator
Kathryn Billo Gibbons and Hansen Parent Liaison
Carolyn Curtis-Mahoney Dawe and South Parent Liaison
Patty LaCivita OMS and SHS Parent Liaison
Susan Lyons Jones and West Parent Liaison
Joan Quigley Parent-Child Home Program Liaison
Stoughton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SSEPAC)
Name Title Phone
Carolyn Campbell President (781) 344-6714
Rachel Enokian Secretary
John D'Addieco Treasurer
Name Title
Ryan McGee Administrator of Educational Technology
Rob King Deputy Administrator of Technology
Dianne Dolan Data Management
Christopher Burrill Information Technology Technician
Robert Dexter Information Technology Technician
Anthony Phippen Information Technology Technician
Anthony Thai Information Technology Technician