SHS Class of 2019

Stoughton High grads say goodbye to a building – and an era, The Enterprise, June 7, 2019

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Stoughton High School Graduates Names

College Matriculation

Class of 2019 Post-Graduation Statistics

4 Year Colleges 82%
2 Year Colleges 8%
Technical School 2%
Military 3%

Students enlisting in the military:

Matthew Piana (Air Force)
Tyaja Glover (Army National Guard)
Zachary Greenberg (Army)
Jordan Bocage (Air Force)
Kevin Dixon (Marines)
Josh Marotta (Marines)

Stoughton High School Scholarships 2019

Valedictorian: Luis Antonio Ferrandiz
Salutatorian: Rebecca Faith Roos
Class President: Demetra Eleni Cariofiles
# graduates = 259

Top 10

1. Luis Ferrandiz
2. Rebecca Roos
3. Olivia O'Neil
4. Rachel Hoover
5. Ashleigh DeAmicis
6. Gabriel Riberio
7. Andrew Elmowitz
8. Brendan Phan
9. Alessandra Loffredo
10. Lauren Asnes


TV/DRAMA - Rachel Weiner
ENGLISH - Rachel Goulston
JOURNALISM - Jalila Waller
MATHEMATICS - Luis Ferrandiz
PHYSICAL EDUCATION - female student - Hanna Holden
PHYSICAL EDUCATION - male student - Josh Cocchi
VISUAL ART - Rachel Hoover
VOCAL MUSIC - Victoria Lyapin
WORLD LANGUAGES - Luis Ferrandiz

DISTINGUISHED STUDENT AWARDS sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corp

"Scholastic Excellence Awards" - Andrew Elmowitz & Molly Turner
"Distinguished Athlete Awards" - Kevin Dixon & Mia Bennett
"Semper Fidelis Awards for Musica Excellence" - Andrew Chiang & Alessandra Loffredo

BLACK KNIGHT SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD - Wayne Fitzpatrick & Taleah Gandy


Latin IV - Luis Ferrandiz: Summa Cum Laude gold medal. Luis has earned 4 gold medals. When this happens a student earns a special book award of an Oxford Classical Dictionary.
Latin IV - Kately Martin: Magna Cum Laude
Latin IV - Andrew Chiang and Meagan Lurie: Cum Laude

The National French Contest: Christina Durand earned an Honorable Mention with Chapter Rank of 16th and a National Rank of 21st.

National Merit Scholarship Program - Jessica Podesta and Gabriel Ribeiro received the Letter of Commendation

Massachusetts School Administrators Association certificate - Ashley Burrowes


Josh Cocchi
Wayne Fitzpatrick
Taleah Gandy
Zachary Greenberg
Rachel Goulston
Josh Marotta
Meaghan Tracey


‘Full circle’ — Stoughton students return to roots in annual Senior Walk, The Enterprise, May 24, 2019

Seniors Walk Through their elementary schools, May 23, 2019

Seniors Before the Walk Through Group Photo 2019

Wilkins Seniors Walk Through Group Photo 2019

South Seniors Walk Through Group Photo 2019

Hansen Seniors Walk Through Group Photo 2019

Gibbons Seniors Walk Through Group Photo 2019

Dawe Seniors Walk Through Group Photo 2019

Decision Day, May 1, 2019

Decision Day


73 Stoughton High seniors eligible for Adams Scholarships, The Enterprise, December 10, 2018


Jr. Book Awards 2018

The 2018 Stoughton High School Junior Awards
June 12, 2018

Many colleges and Universities offer books, certificates and medals to help high schools to honor the academic, extracurricular, leadership and volunteer work of members of their junior class.  While receipt of a Book Award does not guarantee admission to the college or university, it will get the student’s application a second look, and in some cases, make the student eligible for scholarship money. Today we are honored to present book awards to a few deserving juniors.

The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award is presented to a junior who has high achievement and rigor in science classes, and who demonstrates exceptional promise in the sciences. Winners of this award are automatically considered for the Bausch & Lomb scholarship, which provides each qualified student with $7,500 per year and $30,000 over four years.  This year, the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award is presented to Andrew Elmowitz

The Brown book award is presented to honor a student who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression.  This year the Brown book award is presented to Emily Gareri

The Dartmouth book award is given to a student in the top ten per cent of the Junior class.  The student has attained an outstanding combined average in college preparatory classes, including Math and English.  Above all, the selected student has demonstrated outstanding leadership in a highly visible school sponsored activity and/or service to the community.  This year the Dartmouth book award is presented to Brendan Phan

The Holy Cross book award is presented to a junior who has achieved academic excellence and has admirable personal qualities.  The student should be in the top five to ten per cent of their class and show sincere concern for others and a responsible attitude in all of his or her endeavors. This year the Holy Cross book award is presented to Ashley DeAmicis

The GW Book Award recognizes high school juniors who embody the GW drive and spirit, specifically with their academic excellence, leadership outside the classroom, diversity of thought, and ability to put knowledge into action.  This year’s GW book award goes to Rachel Hoover

The Rennselaer Science Award is presented to promising secondary school students who have distinguished themselves in math and science.  This award recognizes the superlative academic achievement of young men and women and serves to motivate them towards careers in science, engineering and technology. This year the Rennselaer Science Award is presented to LJ Ferrandiz

Saint Michael’s College provides two book awards to be presented to both a male and a female student.  The students should exhibit the characteristics of an ideal Saint Michael’s student, based specifically on achievement in academics and social conscience, evidenced through commitment to community service, issues of peace and justice, and concern for others.  This year the St. Michael’s book awards are presented to Rebecca Roos and Gabriel Ribeiro

The Bay Path University Presidential Book Award is presented annually to a select group of elite high school women from the Northeast. These women demonstrate a commitment to academics and community service. In addition to the book, if the student decides to attend Bay Path University, she will be eligible to receive their highest merit scholarship, totaling up to $76,000 over four years. This year’s Bay Path Book Award goes to Theresa Billo

Smith College book award is presented to young women who exemplify the academic achievement, leadership qualities and concern for others that characterize the thousands of women who have graduated from Smith College.  This year the Smith Book Award is presented to Alessandra Loffredo

The George Eastman Young Leaders Award from the University of Rochester is presented to a junior who shows strong leadership in both school and the community, has high grades in challenging courses, and has extensive involvement in extracurricular activities. This year the George Eastman Young Leaders Award is presented to Sanah Sheth

The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony award from the University of Rochester is presented to a junior who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, and shows leadership with a dedication to community action.  The students should also have strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences.  This year the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony award is presented to Rachel Goulston

The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovations and Information Technology is awarded to a student who has a strong interest in innovation and/or information technology, and has a high level of achievement in this area.  This year the University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovations and Information Technology is presented to Alexandra Joven

The Yale Book Award is presented to a student who exemplifies the characteristics of a Yale University student. The Junior should possess outstanding personal character and intellectual promise.  This year the Yale Book Award is presented to Olivia O’Neil