March 24, 2020 Town Hall Update

Stoughton Town Manager, Robin Grimm, announced today several adjustments to protocols as a result of the current COVID-19 situation. She indicated that despite Town Hall being closed to the public, basic essential services continue. The Town will see trash pick-up and normal functioning of Water/Sewer/Highway services as well as some basic Town Hall functions such as processing of tax payment and permitting.

The Town has relaxed demand dates as follows:
Water/Sewer/Trash is delayed to April 20, 2020
Motor Vehicle is delayed to May 4, 2020

The Collector’s office will still be checking the drop box and front vestibule daily for people who want to pay their taxes that way. People may call (781) 341-1300 X9223 if they have further questions.

Our Veterans’ Agent has indicated that some veterans have lost their jobs during this crisis. Those people are advised to call (781) 341-1300 X9220.

The Town is continuing and increasing its Meals on Wheels service to three times a week with double delivery on some days. No one will be entering homes, but meals will be left outside the doors.

The Department of Public Works has asked that people not flush the sanitizing wipes as they block our sewer pumps.

Our Recreation Director has asked that people not allow their children on to playground equipment. We are trying to keep parks open so people can safely get outside with distancing, but do not want to be forced to close because of access to the playground equipment. 

The Board of Health is joining our Police and Fire departments to ensure that businesses are complying with the Governor’s shut down of non-essential business. 

Permitting is still happening and the Commonwealth is relaxing deadlines for hearings. We are reviewing that currently. In the meantime, our permitting office is doing outside inspections. Case by case we are considering inside inspections that may be done through photographs or videos.

“We continue to do our best to serve the public and encourage people to call in with questions and requests. We are doing our best to use mail and email where possible to get documents to people where necessary, and are routinely checking the bins in the front vestibule of Town Hall for requests that may come in or delivery of forms,” commented Grimm. 

She added, “We also monitor reports from the Commonwealth and are complying with all DPH recommendations.” Grimm said, “Stoughton is a strong town as is evidenced by the phone calls I have received from people offering help in whatever way they can. We have a great team on staff and an awesome population. We will get through this together.”