May 7, 2020 Update

Dear SPS Families-

As mentioned earlier this week, we will be entering into “Phase Three” of our Remote Learning Plan beginning this Monday, May 11th.  The plan follows guidelines established by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and has been tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the Stoughton community.

Please find the detailed explanation at the site below.  Like Phase Two, this document is color-coded and broken into sections based on school and/or area.

Highlights of the adjustments include:

-A tighter focus on critical learning standards important for preparation for next year.

-New expectations and incentives for High School students in terms of completing class assignments and participating in live or recorded class sessions.

-Weekly updates/plans providing more clarity and allowing students and families to plan ahead for the week.

-The ability for teachers to move ahead with curriculum and offer new content.

-Organizational tools and strategies to help families with day-to-day planning.

-A continued emphasis on making connections, keeping physically and emotionally healthy, and maintaining relationships with peers and staff.

Having sat in on grade-level and whole faculty meetings over the last few days, I am so incredibly proud of our faculty who are learning about Phase Three now.  They are deeply concerned about doing a great job and taking care of ALL of their students!  A consistent theme in those meetings is keeping connections and supporting students and families.  Please reach out to your teachers, counselors or school administrators if you or someone you know needs any help or support. 

Together, we’ve got this Knights!

Dr. Marcus, Superintendent