Virtual Counseling Tools

May is Mental Health Month!

Elementary Resources

My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule sheets

Mind Yeti has short videos giving different examples of breathing and how to help ourselves regulate our emotions.

Supporting your children during times of stress.

Helpful books for both children and parents on feeling topics that may come up during the pandemic.

 Different kinds of deep breathing exercises for kids to do.

Parent/Guardian Resources Wellness Tools

Talk and Tea with Teresa” for Parents/Guardians. This Virtual Support Group is on THURSDAYS at 4pm. RSVP by calling 781-341-2252 X9453 or via email at

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: Does it feel like Groundhog Day in your house yet? Each day a fresh chorus of “I’m bored!” and “I miss my friends!” and perhaps even “ I miss school” (gasp!). Do you find yourself losing track of what time it is, what day it is? Are your eyes getting bleary from binge-watching or lost in FB land? Let’s all hang out together in our collective misery to find support, comfort and laughter. Support groups have no obligations and no expectations except treating each other with tolerance and respect. Show up as you are - stay as long as you like. Drop in to our free, virtual support group for a safe space to connect with peers, moderated by a licensed mental health professional.

Teresa Tapper, LMHC, is the Senior Clinician at the Stoughton Youth Commission. Call 781-341-2252, x9453 (to leave a voicemail)


Coping skills for kids, families and adults

Virtual Resources during COVID-19

Mental Health Resources during COVID-19 for Stoughton Families, compiled by The OASIS Coalition and The Stoughton Youth Commission

Supporting LGBTQ Students During Social Distancing

Caregiver Wellness Resources

Elementary Resources

Secondary Resources

Managing Sleep Disturbances during COVID-19 for both children and adults

Tips for parents to do self care for themselves

How to generally manage anxious reactions to the COVID- 19 crisis

Student Resources



Coping skills for kids, families and adults

Daily Schedule


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Regulation

Free Online Courses

Mood & Movement




Managing Sleep Disturbances during COVID-19 for both children and adults

Social Perception

Thoughts & Emotions