Scholastic Summer Reading Press Conference Information

Scholastic Summer Reading Press Conference Information
Monday, March 26, 2018
Dawe Elementary School Library
Stoughton, MA

The Scholastic Research and Analysis team share the findings from the research partnership with Stoughton. 

The speakers include Director, Research & Validation, Scholastic Education, Dr. Andrea A. Rizzo, Stoughton Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Marguerite Rizzi; K-5 Humanities Curriculum Administrative Supervisor, Eileen Sprague; Dawe School Principal, Robert Cancellieri; and student testimonials.

The press conference discusses the advantages and benefits that Stoughton students experienced after receiving their donation of summer reading books in 2017. 

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Mrs. Eileen Sprague, PK-5 Humanities Curriculum Administrative Supervisor, Stoughton Public Schools
General overview of the initiative, importance of choice and volume in reading, reading attitudes among students 

Dr. Marguerite Rizzi, Superintendent of Schools, Stoughton Public Schools
Importance of authentic texts, developing a relationship with Scholastic, the importance of partnership

Presentation of Results
Dr. Andrea A. Rizzo, Director, Research & Validation, Scholastic Education
Overview of the research study and key findings

School Impact
Mr. Cancellieri, Dawe Elementary School Principal
Describing the beach-themed Summer Reading Spotlight: Stoughton 2017 kick off, Family Literacy Nights and introductions of students who will share the impact that the initiative had on them

Students Testimonials
Chloe Hannaford, Julianna Savill, Sofia DePina, Grade 3 Students
Max Pokraka, Victor Thomas, Grade 4 Students
Catie Chamberlain, Joshua Masuwa, Grade 5 Students

Closing Remarks
Mrs. Eileen Sprague

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Empowering Students and Families to Address Summer Reading Loss in Stoughton, MA 2017

Summer Reading Spotlight: Stoughton 2017

Summer Reading Spotlight Infographic: Stoughton 2017

Dawe Elementary Students' Testimonials

Watch the Stoughton Public Schools Scholastic Summer Reading Press Conference video