Per the Stoughton Public Schools Communicable Disease Policy, management of communicable diseases shall be in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MADPH) guidelines.  Per MDPH guidelines for Tuberculosis monitoring and prevention, a TB Risk Assessment should be performed by a health care provider in order to determine TB risk and if further testing is necessary.  MDPH school guidelines advises that each school-aged child have a TB Risk Assessment completed and documented on the physical exam form. In addition, a school nurse may request a TB risk assessment by a medical provider and documentation of risk level and follow up testing (if applicable) under these listed circumstances:

• Birth, travel to or residency in a high-risk world region including Africa, Asia (except Japan), Pacific Islands, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Central or South America, the Caribbean
• Exposure to an individual with diagnosed or suspected TB disease
• Household contact to individual with positive TB test (TST or IGRA)
• Parent and/or guardian or household member from a high-risk world region
• History of immunosuppressive disease or medications that might cause immunosuppression