April 6, 2020 Update

Hey hey Stoughton-

It’s a dry and sunny Monday morning, and I hope that everyone is doing ok, is safe and is staying healthy!  I continue to be so impressed by all of the outreach and support folks are offering one another.  Even as this closure moves into tougher times, our Stoughton Schools family keeps finding ways to give to neighbors, share resources, and find great learning experiences that our students can take on. 

Just a few updates for this upcoming week.

Continuity of Learning Phase Two.  While this week begins our more structured set of learning expectations, I want to remind everyone that we completely recognize that each family’s situation is different.  That is true for teachers as well.  Our plan provides both expectations and flexibility.  We expect that teachers are posting, meeting with students, and providing course/class-specific assignments, and we expect students are working on assighnments each day, but we have also built in flexible ways for students to learn, grow, and demonstrate their understandings.  The one constant in all of this is that our central focus needs to be on the physical, emotional, and academic well-being of all of our students, staff, and families.  As has always been true, communication is critical in these times, so please do reach out to faculty or administrators if you have a question or a suggestion.  Links to info sent out last week:  District Online Meeting Expectations and Phase Two Learning Plan.

At OMS 10am to 11:30am each day:  Meal distribution continues each day at OMS.  If you know of neighbors who have kids in need, please reach out and see if they could use some help.  Our program is for ALL students who live in Stoughton, regardless of which school they attend.  ALSO at OMS this week, we have a table for folks who have made arrangements with the tech staff through our web form http://spstechhelp.com due to a malfunction or with their building principal to get a Chromebook.  Not more than two devices were (or are) lent to any family.  ALSO at OMS this week, Kindergarten Registration packets will now be available.  As always, please stay in your car and our staff will come to you.

Supers’ Stories this week will be on Tuesday and Thursday, but I’m going to start at 7pm instead of 6. Links will be posted in the next couple of days.

Moon Journal Club:  Open to everyone.  Each day at roughly the same time, grab a piece of paper (in a notebook or notepad is good) and look up into the sky.  Find the moon.  Write down or draw what shape it is, where it is, and if it moved at all.  Once a week, we’ll get together on a Google Meet to see what you found out.  When studying the sky, people of all ages are guaranteed to discover something new!  Click HERE to join the club!

Once again, thank you to each of you for adapting to this new way of life.  I know it can be strange and tricky at times but, what makes us a strong community, is finding ways to connect with and care for students, friends and neighbors even when we are apart.  Hang in there all. 

We've got this Knights!