Public Records

Public records may be requested by contacting the Stoughton Public Schools Records Access Officer:

Kathleen Piatelli
School Business Manager
Stoughton Public schools
232 Pearl Street
Stoughton, Massachusetts 02072
(781) 344 – 4000 x 1228

The Records Access Officer will allow for inspection, or furnish a copy, of a requested public record within 10 business days following receipt of the request.

Public records will be provided to the requestor in an electronic format unless the record is not available in an electronic format or the requestor does not have the ability to receive or access the records in a usable electronic format.

Records provided as a physical copy will incur a cost of 5 cents per sheet for black and white paper copies or computer printouts of public records for both single and double-sided copies.

If a response to a public records request requires more than 2 hours of employee time, the Records Access Officer may assess a fee based on an hourly rate of $22.50 per hour.