Special Education

Please be aware due to the reallocation of space at the Jones Early Child Center, the Special Education Department Office is relocating to the Gibbons School for the duration of the building renovation. On July 5 at 7:30am the Special Education Office will open at the Gibbons School. On November 1, 2018, the Special Education Offices are anticipated to return to the Jones Building.

Special Education Offices
235 Morton St
Stoughton, MA 02070
Summer Hours 7:30 am - 2:30pm
781-344-7009 x7321 or x7322


Mission Statement

Stoughton Public Schools Special Education is committed to collaborating between home, school, and community.

  • Sets high expectations for students to become positive contributing members of their community
  • Life-long learner who can problem solve and never gives up, reaching for the highest level of independence, and who value self & others
  • Support individuals to reach their potential and achieve their academic, employment, and community related goals

DESE Coordinated Program Review 2017

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is looking for feedback on the Massachusetts IEP Improvement Project. This survey is specific to families, students with IEPs, and other interested parties, and is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.

Input from family members and students with disabilities is essential in order to strengthen the direction of the state’s new IEP. Feedback from stakeholders in your community is critical in advancing the Massachusetts IEP Improvement Project, and impacting outcomes for students with disabilities. We sincerely appreciate your support and participation in this survey before May 18, 2018. 

Take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MAIEP3

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Heather Tucker Administrator of Special Education
Carolan Sampson Assistant Administrator of Special Education
Karen Altwein Administrative Clerks and Secretaries
Michelle Carmichael Administrative Clerks and Secretaries
Ellen Evangelista Administrative Clerks and Secretaries