Facilities Use Application Process

Permission for the use of Stoughton Public Schools facilities and grounds must be obtained through the District Office, no less than two weeks in advance, except for town elections and Town Meeting which will require no less than six weeks. Historical use of facilities or grounds does not dictate that the request will be approved and may be denied at the District's discretion or substituted with an alternate facility that is not requested on the 'Facilities Use Application'.


  • Applicants shall obtain a 'Facilities Use Application' at the District Office or on the SPS website for the purpose of obtaining a permit.

  • All permit requests must include the specific date(s) being requested. Placeholder dates will not be approved.

  • Applications may be made to use such facilities as auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, kitchens, and school grounds (parking lots, athletic fields, restrooms, etc.).


Permits will be issued in the following priority:

  1. Stoughton educational and student use

  2. Stoughton nonprofit organizations that benefit students

  3. Stoughton for-profit organizations or individuals that benefit students

Facilities Use Applications may be submitted to Leanne Kerman via email at l_kerman@stoughtonschools.org, or to the Stoughton Public Schools District Office, 31 Pierce St., Stoughton, MA 02072.