Information to Provide to the Nurse

  • If your child has any medical issues, please inform your School Nurse.  It will make it much easier for your child if the nurse knows his/her history when assessing health complaints.

  • If your child requires medication or treatments during the school day, please meet with your School Nurse to discuss a plan of action.  The nurse may provide you with medication or treatment forms that would need to be completed by a medical provider along with gaining parental permission.  These forms are required by MADPH regulations to be on file prior to the nurse administering any medication or treatments.  Order forms are renewed at each school year, therefore parents should touch base with the school nurse ASAP so that necessary treatment is available to your child as soon as possible.  

  • Please provide the school with up to date emergency information. If you change phone numbers or jobs, please let the School Nurse know right away. If you depend on a cell phone, please provide the School Nurse with that number. When you are completing the Emergency Form at the start of the school year, include only emergency contacts who are available and willing to pick up your child during school hours.  

  • When your child has a physical exam and/or immunizations, please provide a copy of the medical provider's form to the nurse so that your child's health record is updated.  

  • Please make the School Nurse aware of any situations that may affect your child’s mental or physical health so that she may watch for any problems.

  • Please inform the school nurse of any injuries or emergency room visits.  Injuries may require written medical clearance from a health care provider to return to school or physical activities.  Students who return to school with casts, air casts, crutches, splints, arm slings, wheelchairs, canes and/or immobilizers require a doctor's note that includes: (1) Clearance for students to attend school; (2) Any restrictions from physical education and recess; (3) Confirmation from the physician that the student has been properly instructed in the use of medical equipment provided.  Students having stitches/staples or surgical procedures also require a written doctor's note with clearance to attend school and list any restrictions from physical education and recess.  The nurse may follow up with the physician to clarify restrictions (i.e. may attend recess or physical education with certain restrictions such as not swinging from monkey bars).   

If your child does not have Health Insurance, please contact your School Nurse. She can help you with the forms for the Children’s Medical Security Plan, a state sponsored Health Insurance plan for Children under the age of 18.