Retirement Information

Teachers and Administrators (Units A and B, Principals and Administrators) participate in the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System.      

Full Time Non-Teaching Staff (Secretaries, Paraprofessionals, Custodians, IT, Security and Hallway Monitors. Food Service Workers and Managers (Units B250, B255, B300, B350, B400, B450), contracted to work twenty hours per week or more, participate in Norfolk County Retirement System.  

Retirement Guide – Membership prior to April 2, 2012 (PDF)

Retirement Guide – Membership on or after April 2, 2012 (PDF)

Retirement Chart for Group 1 (PDF)

Part Time Non-Teaching Staff (PT Paraprofessionals, PT Food Service Workers, Coaches and Substitutes) participate in Town of Stoughton OBRA Plan (Governmental 457(b) Plan)