Preventative Dental Services

Public health dental hygienists conduct free, in-school dental screenings. These screenings are conducted from the pre-school through middle school grade levels. Your school nurse will send a consent form home annually and this form must be returned in order to participate in the program (consent forms are also available below).

There are two DPH funded programs that service Stoughton Public Schools' students. The MASS Healthy Smiles Program is at the O'Donnell Middle, Wilkins, and Jones Schools. The Protecting All Smiles Program is at the Dawe, Gibbons, Hansen and South Schools.

The mission of both programs is to provide important preventative services to children that may not regularly see a dentist. Services include screenings, cleanings, fluoride, sealants against cavities and referral to a local dentist if needed. See below for more information regarding these services.

The screening will not replace a routine dental exam, and no x-rays are taken. The screening does include:

  • Inspecting teeth and gums for disease

  • Cleaning surfaces of teeth

  • Applying fluoride varnish to strengthen teeth

  • Seal rough surfaces of back teeth

  • Provide good oral hygiene training

  • Provide free toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

  • Provide dentist office referrals if needed

Your child may already be receiving these services at your own dental office. If so, we encourage you to continue with that care. However, if your child does not have a dentist or does not visit the dentist on a regular basis, this is a wonderful opportunity to help promote oral hygiene and prevent oral disease. 

For further information, please contact your school's nurse.  

You may also visit the MASS Healthy Smiles website, and view the Protecting All Smiles Program flyer.