Medication in Schools

The administration of medications in schools comply with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations 105 CMR 210.000. Before medication is given at school (prescription or over the counter medication), and to ensure the health and safety of ALL students, please contact your school nurse before bringing any medication to school.  The school nurse will provide the required physician and parent forms. Medication will not be given without the proper forms on file in the nurse's office. 

The following forms must be on file in the nurse’s office before any medication will be given:

  • A signed Parent Consent/Administration Form

  • A completed Physician/Prescription Medication Form

All orders must be renewed each school year.  A student, with proper physician orders and parental consent, may carry inhalers and epi-pens.  

All medication must be in it's original container.  The pharmacist can give you a second bottle (for prescription medication) for use at school. No more than a 30-day supply of the medication should be delivered to the school.  Please do not give your child loose medication to carry on his/her person. 

Some over the counter medications (only FDA approved medications) may be given in school if it is supplied by the parents in the original container with a current expiration date.  It must be accompanied by a signed parent consent.  The school does not have medications on hand to give to your child.