Facilities Master Plan Sub Committee

The School Committee for the Stoughton Public Schools created a Facilities Master Plan Sub Committee (FMPSC). The charge of this group is to provide an ongoing assessment of school facility conditions. An annual Stoughton School’s Facilities Master Plan (SSFMP) is the result of this group's study and findings. The FMPSC is a body commissioned by the School Committee to evaluate growth trends within the district and to make recommendations to the School Committee on the utilization of existing facilities and on other ways to address the needs associated with enrollment and other required services to students in the near and distant future.

Its recommendations should be consistent with School Committee policy and district goals and aim at minimizing undesirable effects on the quality of the district educational program. The Committee is also charged with ongoing modification of the Master Plan as appropriate.

The School Committee shall appoint an ongoing, Facilities Master Plan Sub Committee (FMPSC) composed of at least seven voting members to develop and maintain the SSFMP. The FMPSC shall consist of four members from the community, a member of the School Committee, the Superintendent, and the Director of Maintenance and Operations. Presentations of the SSFMP shall be conducted by the Superintendent of school and/or Director Maintenance and Operations when appropriate.

The School Committee may also authorize the employment of professional consultants or advisors from outside agencies when specialized knowledge or services are required to supplement the efforts of district personnel or to assist the FMPSC.

The Facilities Master Plan is subject to change at any time.