Town of Stoughton Health Insurance Opt-Out Program

The Town of Stoughton is offering a health insurance opt-out program for all eligible subscribers enrolled in the Town’s health insurance. Please read this page carefully. It is important that  you understand all of the terms and conditions before submitting an application.  

Subscribers who are eligible and participate in the opt-out program will receive $3,000.00 per  plan year for an individual plan or $6,000.00 per plan year for a family plan, if they no longer  take health insurance through the Town, prorated to the length of participation in the program.  Payments will be paid at even increments through the employee’s annual pay schedule, less any  taxes and customary withholding. Subscribers must give at least 30 calendar days’ notice before  their date of participation.  

To qualify for this program, you must meet BOTH of the following requirements.  

  1. Currently be enrolled in a health insurance plan through the Town of Stoughton for the year  immediately preceding the requested date of cancellation.  

  2. Maintain credible health insurance coverage through a plan offered by another employer.  

I hereby elect a monetary allowance in lieu of a Town of Stoughton sponsored group health  insurance plan. I understand that the allowance will be paid throughout the year.  

I understand that these payments may be considered income, may have tax implications and that I should  consult a tax professional for more information.  

I acknowledge that the Town of Stoughton is not responsible for any expenses incurred after my  insurance termination date for my dependents or myself.  

I certify that I have credible health insurance for me and or my dependents from a plan sponsored by  another employer.  

I certify that I will continue to abide by any outstanding court order or agreement requiring me  to provide health insurance coverage for my spouse, ex-spouse or dependent children.  

I understand that this program shall end June 30, 2025, and no allowances shall be paid for  participating in this program after that date.  

I hereby acknowledge that I have been advised of my right to enroll in health insurance coverage  through the Town of Stoughton. Having been so advised, I do hereby waive my right to health  insurance coverage through the Town and I authorize the Town to cancel my existing health  insurance coverage effective on the date listed.